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The NUTRIENT DATABANK CONFERENCE is held bi-annually to foster communication among nutrient data base generators and users.  Participation is open to researchers from academia, the food industry, government and other interested parties.

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Latest News

We had great participation at our 40th National Nutrient Databank Conference on Advancing Food and Nutrient Databases through Partnerships and Technology held from July 23 to 25, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Thank you again to all the attendees, organizers, presenters and donors whose contributions made the 40th NNDC a huge success!

Planning for the next conference in 2020 is well underway. Sign up for our conference listserv to get the latest news!


41st National Nutrient Databank Conference

When:April 19 to 22, 2020

Where:College Park, Maryland


Past Conferences

Visit the following links to the past conferences and programs:

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International Nutrient Databank Directory

The International Nutrient Database Directory committee of The National Nutrient Databank Conference has compiled an updated directory of software applications and their accompanying food composition databases, and of the reference databases that are sources of the food composition values and supporting information.

This directory is intended to assist potential database and software developers in determining which combination of program and database might best meet their needs.  It will also be a resource for students and others who want to learn about and compare selected database and software features.

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Previous versions


In Memoriam

The National Nutrient Databank Conference remembers and recognizes the contributions of the following volunteers, all of whom gave generously of their time, talents, and energy to the conference.

Phyllis Stumbo (1934-2017)
University of Iowa
Marilyn Buzzard (1934-2015)
Nutrition Coordinating Center at the University of Minnesota
and Virginia Commonwealth University
Joanne Holden (1946-2014)
Research Leader, USDA Nutrient Data Lab
Ruth Matthews (1927-2000)
Chief, USDA Nutrient Data Research Branch
Frank Hepburn
Leader, USDA Nutrient Data Research Group
Margaret Carrington Moore (1896-1995)
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,
New Orleans, LA
Robert Rizek
Director of Consumer and Food Economics
Research Division, USDA