2010 International Nutrient Databank Directory Invitation      

Dear Database Developer/Software Vendor,

You are invited to list your food composition software and database in the 2010 International Nutrient Databank Directory. If you have listed your software/database in an earlier version of the Directory, please note that we must receive a new survey from you in order to include your information in the 2010 Directory.

The directory will be posted online at the new website for the Directory. You may complete the survey anytime before July 31, 2010. All responses received by June 12, 2010 will be posted online and used to demonstrate the new website to participants of the National Nutrient Databank Conference being held in Gran Forks, North Dakota this July.

If you would like your organization included in the directory, please complete the online questionnaire. The questionnaire is located at https://survey.uiowa.edu/wsb.dll/16/2010databasesurvey.htm

To help you gather the information needed to complete the online questionnaire, we have prepared a worksheet which can be found here.

We hope you will participate in this effort to increase understanding of food composition databases and inspire their optimal use. If you have questions about this project please contact one of the committee members. You may also view or download previous versions of the Directory here.

Thank you for your time and interest in this project.


The International Nutrient Databank Directory Committee:
Thea Zimmerman
Phyllis Stumbo
Diane Mitchell
Yasmine Probst
Catherine Chenard
Chunling Wang

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Last modified:  June 21, 2010