37th National Nutrient Databank Conference

Emerging Researcher Needs and Applications of Food and Nutrient Databases

19 April 2013, Boston, MA


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The events of the past week in Boston were tragic, dramatic, and very emotional.  Thankfully, the suspects were successfully apprehended and our hearts go out to the citizens of Boston and the surrounding area. 

Our 37th National Nutrient Databank Conference (NNDC) was severely impacted by these events as there was a “lock-down” for the city of Boston on Friday, and the Tufts Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center was closed.  We apologize for the unavoidable cancellation of the meeting and the inconvenience it may have caused you.

We deeply regret not coming together as a nutrition community last Friday to see our friends and colleagues and enjoy the wonderful program our presenters offered.  However a number of our speakers and poster presenters have graciously made their presentations available.

Note:  These presentations are made available on this web site by the kind permission of the authors. 
Please contact them before using any of these materials.

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations

Title: Consumer sales data provide a useful tool for managing databases monitoring the US food supply
Jaspreet Ahuja, MS; Robin Thomas, MS, RD; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

Title: The Effect of Editing Open-Ended Text Responses on Nutrient and Food Group Estimates from the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour Dietary Recall (ASA24)
Authors: T
hea Palmer Zimmerman1, Deirdre Douglass1, Sujata Dixit-Joshi1, Sharon Kirkpatrick2, Nancy Potischman2, Amy F. Subar2, Suzanne McNutt1, Laura A. Coleman; Marshfield Clinic*; Abbott Nutrition, Gwen L. Alexander3, Larry Kushi4, Frances E. Thompson2; 1Westat; 2NCI, NIH; 3Henry Ford Health System; 4Northern California Kaiser Permanente

Title: Can Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ’s) keep Up with Changing Food Trends by Altering the Analysis Programs Using Results from Pilot and Market Share Data?
Paula Tocco, MS, RD; Harvard School of Public Health; Laura Kent, MS, RD, Harvard School of Public Health

Title: Trends in Trans Fatty Acid Content of US Foods 1991-2007
Mary Franz, MS RD LDN; Laura Sampson, MS RD LDN; Harvard University, School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition

Does the shape of fruit and vegetable snacks have an effect on consumer response: exploratory, community based field study in children and caretakers of children
Selena Baker, BS RD1; Collin Payne, PhD2; Sibylle Kranz, PhD RD1; 1Department of Nutrition Science, Purdue University; 2Marketing Department, New Mexico State University

Title: Comparison of the nutritive value of milk substitutes (MS) to milk: Alternatives for lactose intolerant individuals.
Authors: Meena Somanchi, PhD and Pamela Pehrsson, PhD; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

Title: Review and Comparison of Individual Nutrient Values in Selected Processed Foods
Authors: Bethany Showell and Pamela Pehrsson; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

Title: Nutrient Comparison between Enhanced and Non-Enhanced Fresh Whole Turkey
Authors: Juhi R.Williams1 MS RD; Janet M. Roseland1 MS RD; Juliette C. Howe1 PhD (Consultant), Kristine Y. Patterson1 PhD, Leslie D. Thompson2 PhD, Anna M. Luna2, Shelly Fairly2; 1Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL), BHNRC, ARS, USDA, Beltsville, MD 20705; 2Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409

Title: iDIET: toward an automated, self-sustaining knowledge base to facilitate linking point-of-sale grocery items to nutritional content
Authors: Valliammai Chidambaram, MSc; Philip J. Brewster, PhD; John F. Hurdle, MD, PhD; Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Title: A Simple, Mobile Display of Omega-3 - Omega-6 Balance in Foods
Author: Bill Lands, Ph.D.; ASN Fellow, retired

Title: The Importance of Analyzing Industry Fats for Nutrient Database Development
Authors: Lauren Dougherty, RD; Hilary Wolf, RD; Laura Kent, MS, RD; Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

Title: An Observation on processing and flavanone content in 100% orange juice
Shirley Wasswa-Kintu, Seema Bhagwat, David Haytowitz; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

Title: Changes in infant formulas and baby foods: USDA’S National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
Monazzaha Khan, M.S and Pamela Pehrsson,  Ph.D.; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory


Title: Monitoring Children’s Menu Items in Popular Restaurant Chains
Melissa Nickle, MPH and Pamela Pehrsson, PhD; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

Title: Challenges of monitoring the sodium level of foods consumed in the U.S.
Robin Thomas, MS, RD; Jaspreet  Ahuja, MS; Bethany Showell; Melissa Nickle, MPH; Janet Roseland, MS, RD; David Haytowitz, MS; Pamela Pehrsson, PhD; USDA-ARS Nutrient Data Laboratory

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